ThaiRidgeBack Token
Dog Breed Farm

What is ThaiRidgeBack Token?

ThaiRidgeBack is a Token-based Dog Breed Farm game ecosystem built on Binance Smart Chain to provide more convenience and security for gamers who can use $ThaiRB to trade in-game Dog Breeds (NFTs). Through our NFT trading system and also a dog auction system. This includes using ThaiRB to buy items in the game, using to breed dogs. which allows players to easily exchange

Project NFT Game : Dog Breed Farm

It is a dog raising game, breeding dogs, exchanging dogs, exchanging land of farm, Fight monsters on the map and win rewards.. The dog and land of farm will be an NFT on the BSC.
  • Purebred dogs are released based on Holder's calculations during that time.
  • Anyone in the game can take coins to stake auctions to get released purebred dogs
  • The winner of the auction bid when the deadline is due will receive a dog
  • Breed 2 dogs on the farm for a fee in ThaiRB. Once the mating is successful, a dog (NFT) will be given to one dog (NFT). The characteristics of the dog will come from the genes of the father, mother of that dog.
  • To be traded in the NFT Marketplace.
  • Bring the dog to the farm for 3 days and when you succeed You will get a farm (NFT).
  • Take the dog to Fight monsters on the map and win rewards.
  • 10% NFT Marketplace Trading Fee


Dog Breed Farm game is inspired by real life puppies that can be raised, raised which produces 100% unpredictable puppies. Swapping puppies based on human satisfaction is also part. One that we developed this game on Blockchain.
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